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  • Samll Box Automatic Cellophane Wrappinmg Machine
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  • Release date:2017-04-06
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Detail intruduction:

Automatic  cellophane wrapping machine 

It is widely applicable to the automatic 3D transparent film packaging of goods individually or collectively packed in right angle case with higher requirements and having damp-proof function and dust -proof function,such as cosmetics,perfumes,cream, food, health care products,medicines,tea , wine,video products,mask,cigarette and so on, which can becustomized according to specific customer's requirements .

Main Features

* The machine assembly PLC control system,Servo driven system,and high quality pneumatic unit,can fully adapt to automatic  point iron,flat iron.

*Due to the simple and quick regulating function in operation, the products can conveniently produce various size of case products only by simple change of moulds.

*While the operators in the replacement of different products ,the specifications of packaging film ,running speed and some technical parameters are integrated in the man-machine interface unit .

*The machine can be used on the assembly line or used separately

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